Monday, February 28, 2011

Our Table: The Oscars

My family has always had a serious love of movies.  Growing up, I don't know if a day went by where we weren't referencing my mom's "Academy Award Encyclopedia" (yes, this was before the days of Wikipedia guys), or my sister wasn't editing her running tally of favorite movies of the year written on the dry erase board dedicated solely to the subject.  We spent many a weekend excitedly heading to dinner and a movie as a family and discussing our favorite scenes the whole way home.  So, as a result, my sister and I have taken our Oscar Parties very seriously for years now.  When Bill joined on in, the parties were upped to a whole new level with some serious eats.  Two years ago we had a spread of food so big we probably could have fed 50 people... and there were 4 of us.  So, this year, with a whopping 10 Best Picture Nominees, and many more friends ready to join the party, it was on.

Witout further adieu, from our Oscar-watching table to yours, the nominees for Best Picture are (ahem, were)...

1) True Grit.  This was one I didn't see this year, but apparently a pivotal scene involved some chili made over a fire.  Don't know if the cornbread we had with it (served in a cowboy hat, no less) was invloved or not, but it suuuure was delicious!

2) The Social Network.  We have to give a huge shout out to our friend Mary Marantz for tweeting this idea!  It was just too good to pass up :)

3) The Fighter.  Okaaaay, so this one was a stretch.  But who doesn't need an excuse for some Mac 'n Cheese?!

4) Winter's Bone. 

5) The Kids are Alright.  I seriously apologize in advance for this one...

6) The King's Speech.  Since we came up with this, I've been unintentionally spelling 'peach' as 'peech'.  I did fix it for the sinage, but think I like peech better.  It was tasty nonetheless.

7) 127 Hours.  I also apologize in advance.  I'll spare you the explanation, but if you've seen the movie, you'll understand.

8) Black Swan.  

9) Toy Story 3.  Almond 'Joy Story' bars!

10) Inception. Yes, we realize this cake only has 3 layers.  Let's just say we were trying to confuse you just as much as the movie itself.  Either that, or we counted the ganache as a layer... take your pick of excuses :)


Eat well!


  1. Very cool!! Um, I'm gonna require that cake recipe. :)

  2. Thanks!! Ohhhh the cake..w/o a doubt my fave thing Bill makes.. I'll totally sneak the recipe away from him for ya :)


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