Monday, March 21, 2011

In The Press: White Plains Patch

Hello Monday Morning!  Nothing like a lovely snow coating to ring in Spring, right?!

We're bringing you a great Westchester Weekend post a lil' later today, but first we have to give a huge thank you to The White Plains Patch for featuring us last week in their article titled Local Lunch On a Budget.  I especially love this article because of the bad rap that eating "out" for lunch has garnered since the recession hit.  Sure, brown-bagging it could save you a few dollars if you do it right, but really, grocery shopping, especially for the good stuff, ain't cheap!  What fun is planning, preparing, cooking, and packing up your own lunch every single day when there are so many places that can make an incredibly delicious, fresh and healthy lunch for you at a super affordable price?

We are honored to be included as one of those places!

Oh, and did we mention we can deliver it right to your desk? :)

Check out the full article HERE.

Eat well!

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